How I rate books

So, at the end of each review, there’ll be a whole bunch of numbers. This page is used to help you understand these numbers.

I’ll rate the book in 5 catergories:
Cover Art – how enticing the cover is and how well it attracts the average reader to pick the book up (because a lot of people actually do judge a book by its cover)
Plot – this catergory determines how well thought out the plot is, and how it flows. Points are deducted if the plot is non-existent, or if it doesn’t occur until the last 100 pages or so.
Characters – depending on how well I can relate to the characters, or how well they develop and their relationships with each other.
Writing – this judges the writing style of the text: whether it flowed smoothly, or whether it was incredibly difficult to get through, and everything in between.
Level of Interest – this is simple, it’s just a scale of how ‘into’ the book I was.

Each will be judged on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. They’ll be added together, then doubled (to make an even 50), and then divided by 10 to give a total score out of 5, which is my overall score for the book.

I hope it’s not too confusing for you. šŸ™‚



  1. Deirdre Doran said,


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    Thanks for your time and attention.
    Deirdre Doran

  2. K.Bly said,

    I would like to know how I can get my book reviewed on your website?


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